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Published Oct 06, 21
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A Biased View of 10 Sites That Will Pay You To Write Articles [Plus 200 More!]

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When I first started, I set my rate at $. 04/word, but I never landed a gig with that rate. My first gig told me their rate – $100 a post – when they hired me, so I didn’t even have to negotiate with them since that was much more than my rate! So when I received an inbound inquiry for my freelance writing services, I had to come up with a new rate.

That’s why I decided early on to charge per X amount of words – $120 for 1000 words. 3. Raise Your Rate With Each New Writing Job By raising my rates with each new inquiry that came my way, I was able to move from $100 a post to $300 a post no problem.

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Since my rate was $120 per 1000 words, I started quoting $150 per 1000 words. Once I landed a gig with that rate, I moved up to $200 per 1000 words. Over time I changed my rate to give a quote for every 500 words for smaller jobs. What if you do this and realize that no client is hiring you? Well, either you haven’t found the right client, or you haven’t found the right niche.

When I first started freelance writing, my first testimonials came from other freelance writers. paid to write essays. So even if your testimonials come from other freelance writers or bloggers that you guest posted for, you can still use those to help you boost your credibility as a freelance writer. This type of social proof will be a powerful tactic for you so you can get paid to write.

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Niche Down Your Writing Niche The best way to get paid to write is to have one writing niche that you know inside and out. When I decided to niche down from writing about parenting, natural health and education to digital marketing, I really didn’t know much about that niche.

Since I was passionate about lead generation, inbound marketing, email marketing and all that jazz, I decided to switch focus on and start writing in that niche. Since my second freelance writing client was in that niche, I could use those byline samples for my pitches. And when I landed my ​Blogging Wizard​ client, I KNEW this was the niche I wanted to write in.

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That’s the beauty of this industry; you can just read about it, write about and eventually know about it. 6. Ghostwrite for Influencers For many new freelance writers, they are using freelance marketplaces like Upwork to find jobs. Many or most of those jobs are ghostwritten ones. Places like Upwork have prospects that want bulk content that’s ghostwritten.

And because of this, you aren’t making any money from ghostwriting. So, why am I telling you to ghostwrite? Because there’s serious money ghostwriting for influencers. Some of my highest-paying posts come from ghostwritten content that I wrote for influencers in my niche. My ghostwriting rate is typically 20% more than my standard rate, but it’s not unheard of to ask for 50% or even double your standard rate for ghostwritten content.

Get This Report on 10 Sites That Will Pay You To Write Articles [Plus 200 More!]

e. doesn’t take a lot of time to write). So, how can you write for influencers? The main thing is to established connections with these bloggers, entrepreneurs or marketers. This means following them on social media, sharing their content and commenting on their work. 7. Gauge the Market For a while, you’re going to like your rate and clients.

Before you know it, a client stops invoicing you, or they switched gears and stopped asking for four posts a month (they just want one post now). Now, I don’t pitch very often, but I do pitch at least once a month to a few places. I also do a lot of warm pitching on social media so that I’m on the radar of many other small business owners.

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When inquiries come to you, the ball is in your court. You get to set the rate and negotiate. Since you are gauging whether this client can afford you, you can play it safe or add a few more cents to your rate. If the client doesn’t bat an eye, you know that it’s time to raise your rate.

It’s a freelance writing tutorial that lays out the fast-track steps to get your first freelance writing job (get paid to write sports blogs). I also have several guides on places to find freelance writing jobs. 15 Top Places to Get Paid to Write To find freelance writing jobs that are perfect for you, you have to devote time each day to searching, applying, and pitching.

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You can’t expect to find that amazing find the first time you visit the thrift store. Instead, the best thrift store finds come when you visit regularly and take time to comb through the racks. Keep that in mind when you are tired of looking at online writing jobs. You will find the gold eventually, but you might have to waste a few days digging.

Once people know who you are and what you are good at, they will refer you without you even having to ask. 2. Remote, Ok Remote, OK is another listing of remote jobs, with several listings for content writing and social media writing. Search for copywriting, email writing, and content marketing to find writing leads.

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3. Zip, Recruiter Search Zip, Recruiter for content and writing jobs. Not all of the job listings are going to be for remote work, so you will need to sort through them. However, just because it doesn’t say remote work, don’t let that stop you. I’ve been able to convince companies to hire me on a freelance basis instead of an in-house one.

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7. Simply Hired Simply Hired is another popular job search engine, but if you type in writer and remote for the search fields, you will find a lot of listings. Be aware that there is a mix of wonderful job opportunities, along with content-mill type jobs. Usually, content-mill jobs sound too good to be true, boasting that writers can make $20-50 an hour by writing 400-word articles.

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This is NOT the type of writing job you want! You want recurring writing jobs that value you as a writer! 8. Craigslist Am I seriously suggesting you find a writing job on the same site you would find a used sofa? Yes! One writer said that Craigslist actually hooked her up with her Wise, Bread gig.

You can even expand your search to Canada. With Craigslist, there is a big mix of listings, from low pay and internship to good pay. Look for the established sites and companies that are posting jobs. For more help, check out my Craigslist hack to find more freelance writing jobs.

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